A Trump Victory: What This Might Mean?

Donald Trump’s electoral victory has clearly shocked people worldwide. Angry hordes of Twitter users and activists denounce the results, talk about moving out of the country, and taking up the cause of minorities- to fight all the basic values Trump stands for. The website of the Canadian government has crashed, as American citizens panic and wonder if this is truly the end for them, and their democracy. This experiment with democracy has suddenly gone wrong, and the time has come for the world to re-evaluate the true meaning of democracy.

But not everything is as disastrous as it seems. We might initially think that with a completely Republican government, freedom of speech and expression, minority rights, women’s rights and sexual liberty will be clamped down upon in the United States-but we forget that half of America didn’t want this to happen, as well. And if Trump intends on taking his job as President seriously,he must be a leader for all the people- as ridiculous as that sounds. He must take the onus of responsibility thrust upon him seriously. This isn’t another Twitter war that he can win on his toilet seat, by spewing terrible rhetoric about sex tapes and ‘bad hombres’. He needs to come up with constructive foreign policy, handle NATO effectively, and maintain good relationships not only with the old drunk uncles at the international dinner table of nations ,but everybody else as well.

Now, you stare at your computer screen with incredulity- wondering if Donald Trump will actually end up doing this, whether he will actually follow political decorum, whether he won’t simply blow a country up for a misguided statement. But you forget that ultimately, he is a representative of the Republican party. Even if American politics are based on individuals and charisma, parties are proactive through the years. It is the responsibility of the Republican party to enforce the democratic institutions of the United States- it is their responsibility to make sure that Trump, as their candidate, will not destroy their reputation for all posterity. This is why the Republican party will be on its toes and keep Trump on his toes. So, perhaps, all is not lost in the arena of world politics.

At the same time, we cannot underestimate the damage this will do to many institutions of the country. Hate crimes will inevitably increase, white supremacist groups will join the mainstream, and they will have a President who has had a history of sexual assault. The ‘Blue Lives Matter’ movement will gain ground, and Planned Parenthood may even meet a crushing end. The Vice President believes in conversion therapy for homosexuals, and is virulently pro-life.

Donald Trump didn’t appear from thin air. He has taken advantage of divisiveness, discontent,anger- and he can only be countered with unity in the face of adversity. He has sprung from the ugly roots of racial, gender and economic privilege and has thrived off differences, widening them rather than celebrating them and finding unifying forces in the large country filled with differences.

Now, we all have to do the most uncomfortable thing-wait. Wait and see whether the United States collapses within itself, or stabilizes within the next four years- and fight, when necessary.


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