Why We Should Not Ban Chinese Goods?

Recently there has been a huge upsurge about banning goods from China. This upsurge has been the result of indirect Chinese support to the misadventures of Pakistan. The infiltration bid to enhance its claim on Kashmir by disturbing the shaky peace by Pakistan and its subsequent support by China has led to a social protest in form of a ban on Chinese goods. Though the idea of alienating China and to oppose it is correct but I by all dimensions refuse except banning Chinese goods as the way to do so. Now, there are two reasons for this, the first one being principle based and the second one based on facts.

First let’s recognize one of the most important principle on which our country is based, free market or capitalism or the doctrine of laissez-faire. Now in a free market, every producer has an equal right to produce his or her goods in the market and the good which fulfills the demand of the consumer the best emerges at the topic, others following suite. Now if we suppose ban Chinese products we are not only stopping the consumer from getting a product of greater quality but also making the industry of our own country static. Take the example of EU and the recent Brexit. The EU had effectively stopped competing countries like China and India from entering its market, this caused the industry in EU to become static and henceforth lose the will to innovate and make a better quality product than the outside world. This led to an overall economic breakdown which pushed the EU economy on a downward spiral which ultimately led to Britain breaking away from Fortress Europe. So you see by banning Chinese goods we are effectively denying the customer his basic right to have the best available product and at the same time hindering the ability of our industry to compete with the Chinese industry. The post-independence period had done the same and when in 1991 we finally accepted the rightful principle of free market the side effects of having a closed economy were humongous. Now some would say that china is only one country and that we can import products from another country. I would like to say to them that it is the principle that matters. It doesn’t matter that by what magnitude the principle has been broken, what matters is the fact that it has been broken. The proponents of banning Chinese products in my opinion lack ‘foresight’, they have been unable to look beyond the vengeful feelings they possess and are clouded by the fact that China supports Pakistan. Now, banning Chinese products is not only wrong by principle but could effectively stop India’s great growth rate. The opposition seems to completely ignore the fact that China supplies more than 85 percent of India’s medical raw material and the fact that almost all the products in the world are made in China including the highly shown of iPhone’s.

Therefore, I rest my case that Chinese products should not be banned and that we all should not let hate cloud our judgement

The author, Akshat Golia, is a student of law at SVKM’s NMIMS- School of Law, Mumbai.


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