“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of moral crisis maintain their neutrality.”

–Dante Aligieri

That we are living in the time of a great crisis cannot be gainsaid. Corrupt activities and manifestations of faulty leadership on the part of our so called ‘leaders’ have done far more harm than they intended to. No, I am not talking of the number of injustices they gave rise to through their questionable actions, but a phenomenon they gave birth to. We call it ‘Anti-Politics’.

During the very initial days of our college, our professors used to ask us a common question, “In what light do you see the discipline of Politics?”- a question to which most of the students would respond to in the way their school textbooks had taught them, something like ‘Politics is the study of the functions of the Government’. Some unconventional folks would however go on to say things which would eventually lead to the creation of ‘Politically Correct’. When we heard them associate Politics with the filth of the society, with some people claiming Politics to be the “nasty thing done by the leaders of our Political parties“, we as students of the discipline felt hurt. We are immeasurably pained when news channels announce the voter turnouts during elections. As a result of this, when the undeserving Governments come to power, we feel defeated. We feel humiliated when our family members and relatives promptly ask us not to get involved in Politics in college with a vague reason like, “It is bad.”

However, things won’t change unless we bring the change. The status quo will remain unless we make people believe that Politics is important and they should get involved in it, not just for themselves, but for the people of their nation in particular and the world at large. The moment they realize that voting is more important than watching a movie with their families on the day of the elections, the moment they realize that more educated people should try and lead the country, the moment they start respecting Politics, the world will be a better place to live in.

With ‘Politically Correct’, we wish to be the change we want to see.